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This list of european distributors or dealers gives you an overview where to by skylan stands in your country.
In those countries please get in contact with our partners! - If your country is not listet jet, feel free to get in contact with us.
Questions or suggestions in regard to our products, or our website, are always welcome and will be answered as soon as posssible.
Give us a call by using the following phone number 0049(0)6039-46528, or send us an E-Mail info@skylan-stands.com



a Pink Noise SPRL

a www.pinknoise.be

a 122 Chausseé de Wavre

a Tel./Fax: 02/646.21.96

a 1050 Brussels

a pink.noise.@proximedia.be


a Czech Republic

a KAS Audio

a www.kasaudio.cz

a Tomas Kalina

a Tel. 420 - 602 406 436

a Vladislavova 9

a kasaudio@kasaudio.cz

a Praha 1


a France

a High End Audio

a highendaudio.fr

a Marc Chassonnery

a Tel.  0033-0637543387

a 94100 St Maur - Paris

a highendaudio@numericable.fr


a Ireland

a Cloney Audio

a www.cloneyaudio.com

a Alan Cloney

a Tel. (01) 288-8477

a 55 Main Street

a alan@cloneyaudio.com

a Black Rock / County Dulin

a noel@cloneyaudio.com


a Netherlands

a Hifistudio it Harkstee

a www.itharkstee.nl

a Durk de Heij

a Tel. 06 - 14 94 46 40

a Bjirkewei 11

a info@itharkstee.nl

a 9287LA Twijzelerheide


a Poland

a Audio System

a www.audiosystem.com.pl

a Janusz Sobolewski

a Tel.  0048(0)226624599

a u.l. Henryka Brodatego 3

a Fax. 0048(0)226626674

a 02-496 Warszawa

a studio@audiosysteme.com.pl


a Slovenia / Croatia

a Intek d.o.o.

a www.intek.si

a Darko Stankovic

a Tel. 00386-12322000

a Njegoseva cesta 23

a Fax. 00386-12322555

a Si - 1000 Lubljana



a Spain

a Style Sound, SCP

a www.stylesound.com

a Monica Domech

a 0034 -93 246 68 40

a Lepanto, 264

a 0034-93 232 11 53

a 08013-Barcelona

a Stylesound@stylesound.com


a Sweden

a Audio Connection

a www.audioconnection.se

a Bällstavägen 213

a Tel. 0046-8178877

a SE-167 68 Bromma

a info@audioconnection.se



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