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SKYLAN speaker stands
are, in combination with our range of
SKYLAN accessories, SKY Q-Bricks and SKY Premium Fill an excellent energy absorbing system.
Due to their sandwich like construction, SKY
Q-Bricks do not only serve as an efficient mechanical filter, but as a very effective coupling element.
Q-Bricks do channel all the energy created by the drivers unit in the loudspeaker casing directly off into the posts.
The arriving vibrations get absorbed and almost completely annihilated by cleverly worked out SKY Premium Fill located in the posts.
SKY Premium Fill is the result of a long, intense work and a continuous development in this field.
The physical results are substantially improved operating conditions for the drivers due to the drastically lower casing vibrations.
The musical result is a deeper and more controlled bass, much improved and corrector tonal colors by getting more energy in the projection of the sound and therefore a music reproduction that has a lot more expression and intensity than ever before.

skylan accessories Qbricks

SKY Q-Bricks
- Noels new masterpice!
the ultimate sound improvement, now even better!
Not olny prooved for the match Harbeth speakers - Skylan stands!
Best results in other combinations!

Easy Handling! Placed beneath your speaker
Q-Bricks will open up a new soundscape!

Available in the following packages:

Q-Bricks       RRP € 90,00
for double post skylan-stands
Q-Bricks       RRP € 120,00
for all Skylan-stands with 4 posts

sky accessories mag puller

SKY MAG-Puller

the small but smart helper for casualty-free removal of all Harbeth grills!
Just place the little ellbow-magnet in the corner and pull the grill of!
No holes in the cloth, no bent frames, no scratches in the veneer, no more broken nails!
Just smart'n'easy!

1 SKY MAG-Puller  RRP 35,00 €

Filling for SKYLAN stands

SKY Premium Fill - 12,00 € p. Kg
Premium post Filling on plastic basis.
The high-class filling material has proven itself in many in-depth tests as the very best filling for all skylan stands.
It improves the sound considerably by consequnetly absorbing and almost completely annihilating vibration.
SKY Premium Fill opens a new space of listening to your speakers!





a P3ES/QM 10

a SKY 2P 26

ca. 7KG

70,00 €

a Super HL 5

a SKY 4P 18

ca. 10 KG


a C7

a SKY 4P 20

ca. 11 KG

110,00 €

a Monitor 30

a SKY 4P 24

ca. 12 KG

120,00 €

a Monitor 40

a SKY M40

ca. 10 KG

100,00 €

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