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Assembly-manual for all SKYLAN-stands


contens of delivery:
- 1 top-plate
- 1 bottem-plate
- 2 or 4 Posts
- 4 spikes and 4 softfeet
- funnel and cup for filling

Click on the pictures to enlarge them!

Step 1
Remove the top-plate out of the packaging and press the neoprene-pads into the designated holes.
Consider the marks at top- and bottom-plate that say "front"


Step 2
Press all 4 pads into their respective opening.
The image shows the completed topside of the top-plate!


Step 3
Turn the top-plate around and lay it upside-down on a surface.
Now, tightly screw the threaded-rods into the 4 designated threads!


Step 4
After you placed all threaded-rods, stick the posts onto the elevated surfaces around the threaded-rods and press them down gently until they are mounted.
The posts are supposed to lock on the plate and sit stable!

- caution! -

Take care that the post`s are well fitted on theire surfaces while filling them!
Be shure that no granulate material runs in beetween post and surface nor the top-plate!

Step 5
Fill the posts with the respective filling material.
Depending on the grain size you can do this with or without a funnel.
Be minful of the fact that the threaded rods should remain in the middle of the post during this step!


Step 6
Do not fill the posts completely!
Leave some space (about the length of a finger) unfilled.


Step 7
The image shows the accurate amount of filling!


Step 8
Now you can mount the bottom-plate.
The "front" marks on bottom- and front-plate should face the same direction!


Step 9
After you have placed the bottom-plate correctly, you can screw it together using the included female screws and washers.
Just use your hand to screw the female screws to the threaded rods


Step 10
Now tighten the female screws with the included box wrench about one turn.
Do not screw the female screws to tight!

Step 11
Now you can, according to your need, screw either the included spikes or the parquet-pedestals into the threads.

Print Site!

Step 12
the not included SKY Q-Bricks can now be placed on the openings for the threaded rods at the top-side of the top-plate - Done!

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